Amazon Game Studios Revealed!

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Amazon Game Studios is the company I work for and we’ve made huge announcements at TwitchCon!

Some personal reflection after looking back…
Wow… all I can say after today is just “Wow”. I’ve been at Amazon for over 5 years. When I first started in a small studio of 15 people, I never expected this was our future. I thought it was just a small experiment that Amazon was doing… and boy was I wrong. Reflexive to Double Helix to Seattle Studios to Lumberyard to Twitch to Curse to Breakaway to Crucible to finally… New World. It’s been a long journey to this point and I’m damn proud to have stayed on this journey through thick and thin with such amazing people. I’m very proud of our Amazon Game Studios family and happy to continue this awesome journey ahead. Massive amount of kudos and congratulations to the Breakaway team! The amount of hype at the booth and watching players experience it was just unreal to watch. And now I can finally say the game I’m mainly working on… New World. I can not wait for you guys to check this game out in the future! Go AGS!”
I helped out on the game Breakaway with Environment VFX. The main game I’m working on is New World. Friends at Seattle are working on Crucible!
Hope to be revealing more of this in the future! =) We are also hiring!


Learning Rayfire

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So I’ve been pretty curious about how they do all that awesome destruction stuff. Turns out the industry standard tool for those things is a little plug-in called Rayfire.
Got a demo and trying it out. Pretty good stuff! Rendering is taking awhile though… and I’m not even using Vray. Some samples of work in progress. 3DS Max / Ray Fire / Mental Ray / After Effects.

13177290_10153694320465658_3430475252085238295_n shatter_test