Fitting in

Congratz! You’re in! This part is pretty simple. Have fun and become friends with your coworkers! It may feel very strange and awkward but this feeling will fade throughout the time of your stay. Be curious and learn fast! Learn about the pipelines that you’ll need to use, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Everyone’s been new to a company and understands that feeling, so most people will want to help you. They’re probably excited too that you’re there! Don’t be afraid to go out to lunch with your coworkers. This is a great time to get to know your new coworkers since they’re not in the “work mode”. Do understand that not everyone that works in the industry are overly social, so if some people don’t reach out to you, don’t take it as a bad thing. Go on up and introduce yourself as the new person. New to the location? Ask about which restaurants are the best there. Talk about video games and see if you can join in if they have people playing together. Mingle and learn! Playtest the game you’ll be working on soon as possible so you understand where the project is going. This is where you’ll reside for awhile so make it a fun and a positive experience!


Great, you’re in and settling down. Climbing the ladder for a promotion should be something that’s in the back of your mind. Speak with your manager about what you need to do to get promoted, and tackle those things. Usually promotions come across people that makes big impacts for the company, so find out yourself on how you can do that and help out your game team in a great way. I think the basic breakdown of areas to focus on while working is:
1. Skill level – Make sure you’re always pushing yourself to become better at what your profession is. Keep up with the latest tools that might help you produce things faster.

2. Social – Earn the trust of your peers and also help them push themselves as well. If people like working with you, it makes working a lot more fun.

3. Awareness – Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on at your company and also your self worth. Build yourself up to a point where other companies will want you. This way if things do go south, you have a way to jump to another job. Don’t be afraid to jump jobs either. Going from company to company will help you understand other options that are available and also help you raise your salary. Now if you do this too often, companies will see this as a bad thing so don’t do it for the sake of salary bump. If there’s enough reason for you to jump ship, definitely start considering other companies. There’s plenty of places you can apply and land a job if you’re good at what you do. Not good enough yet? Then focus on being better on a daily basis and get to that position.

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