My name is Wooyang Kim, but everyone calls me Daniel. I’ve been in the industry for over 8 years. There’s not much in-depth information aboutĀ the game industry. People tend to think, make a great portfolio and pray to the game gods. Although it’s somewhat true, there’s a lot of lessons to be learned with other aspects to getting a job in the industry. For example, the interview process, finances, what your career down the line looks like, being a good team member, communication, health, attitude, etc. I for one had no teachers when it came to those subjects, so I’ve made a lot of mistakes throughout my time in the industry. Now I feel good and confident on how I handle my career, I would like to express some of these topics that you’ll come cross as you get into or work in the industry. I’ll cover as much information as I can, and please do take it with a grain of salt as these are based on my experiences. There’s no one way to handle things and this is just what worked the best for me. So pick a topic and have a relaxing read while you enjoy your cup of coffee.
*This section is heavily WORK IN PROGRESS*

Quick FAQs

Pros and Cons of the Industry

Picking a Path (Art/Animation/Programming/Management/QA/etc)


Are you prepared?

Interview Process

The Money

Fitting inĀ & Growing

End Game

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*Above image is from Blizzard Entertainment’s game Overwatch.